Klass profiles are produced in accordance with an Integrated Quality – Environment System, based on ISO 9001.
The constant concern for quality resulted in the inauguration in 2015 of a laboratory for foiled profiles.
We always put the quality of our services first and that is why we check the production parameters by following three steps:

✓ shooting test (peeling test);
✓ the test for determining the amount of adhesive (microscope test and weighing test);
✓ high temperature resistance test.

In order to analyze the quality of PVC profiles, we go through two stages:
✓ specific/visual tests performed in line;
✓ standardized laboratory checks.

In independent laboratories, Klass profiles are mercilessly tested, going through the following stages:
✓ Determination of the effect of heat on PVC profiles, after conditioning at 150°C, according to EN 478.
✓ Determination of the shock resistance of the main profiles, by the method of falling mass, according to EN 477.
✓ Determination of the size /determination of the color of solids and dust-shaped substances and determination of the tolerances allowed from the standard color in accordance with EN 12608.
✓ Determination of the level of shine (gloss) of solid surfaces.
✓ Determination of the heating contraction of the profiles, according to EN 479.
✓ Determination of the apparent density according to ISO 60.
✓ Determination of the resistance of welded corners, according to EN 514.
✓ Determination of air permeability and water tightness of the windows.
✓ Determination of the bending elasticity mode, according to EN ISO 178.

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